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politics as ever.    He will not be well enough to go to the House till the majority is certain somewhere, but lives shut up with Lord Chesterfield and Mr. Pulteney—a triumvirate, who hate one another more than anybody they could proscribe, had they the power.    I dropped in at my Lord Her vey's, the other night, knowing my Lady1S had company: it was soon after our defeats.    My Lord, who has always professed particularly to me, turned his back on me, and retired for an hour into a whisper with young Hammond u, at the end of the room.    Not being at all amazed at one whose heart I knew so well, I stayed on, to see more of this behaviour ; indeed, to use myself to it.    At last he came up to me, and begged this music, which I gave him, and would often again, to see how many times I shall be ill and well with him within this month.    Yesterday came news that his brother, Captain W. Hervey1B, had taken a Caracca ship, worth full two hundred thousand pounds.    He was afterwards separated from it by a storm, for two or three days, and was afraid of losing it, having but five-and-twenty men to thirty-six Spaniards ,* but he has brought it home safe. I forgot to tell you, that upon losing the first question, Lord Hervey kept away for a week; on our carrying the next great one, he wrote to Sir Robert, how much he desired to see him, 'not upon any business, but Lord Hervey longs to see Sir Robert Walpole.'
is Mary, daughter of Brigadier-General Nicholas Lepell; Maid of Honour to the Princess of Wales (afterwards Queen Caroline); m.(1720) John Hervey (subsequently Lord Hervey), second son of first Earl of Bristol, She became the intimate friend and occasional correspondent of Horace Walpole. Lady Louisa Stuart says of her:—' Never was there so perfect a model of the finely polished, highly bred, genuine woman of fashion. Her manners had a foreign tinge, which some called affected;
but they were gentle, easy, dignified, and altogether exquisitely pleasing.1 (Introductory Anecdotes prefixed to Correspondence of 'Lady Mary Wortley-Montagu.)
14 Author of some Love Elegies, and a favourite of Lord Chesterfield. He died this year. Walpole.
16 Captain Hon. William Hervey (1699-1776), third son of first Earl of Bristol, by his second wife, Elizabeth 3?elton. The ship he captured was the Constante of twenty-four guns.